Southern California Adventures

Southern California Adventures

Our journey to SoCal led us to our good friend from Instagram Jeff who has his own Mustang shop. We brought the adventurestang to him so he could diagnose a misfire we were having and install a new cam. 

After digging into the motor, it turned out we had bad heads that weren't worth saving. Luckily he had a set of good used heads laying around that we had rebuilt before throwing them on. 

The new heads and the new cam and springs made a huge difference in performance and sound, dang she sounded good.

We rented a car while the mustang was in the shop being repaired, we explored all over LA and found our favorite beach which was Newport Beach. We spent a lot of time there.

We got a good deal on a VIP whale watching experience, we didn't see any whales but we did see Sea Lions!

Somebody couldn't handle the excitement...

After we picked up the mustang from the shop, we caught our first ever Donut Derelicts! If you don't know what that is, it is one of the oldest running cars and coffee meets still going in Huntington Beach.

And met up with more Mustang friends from Instagram!

After we left the LA area, we headed down to San Diego, we fell in love with Ocean Beach and the overall SoCal vibe.

We met up with more friends and adventured around. We only spent a few days in San Diego. One of those nights we spent in an air bnb that had real orange trees! This was the coolest thing to us haha. Being from the Pacific Northwest we never saw citrus trees in person before.

Our last day in San Diego we met up for a cars and coffee. We met another Instagram friend and super inspiring dude, Matt Henry. Matt is battling brain cancer and inspires others to keep a positive outlook all the time.

Then we Headed to Vegas to hang out with my sister and visit more friends.


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